Carole Healey

Carole is the owner and designer of Design for Living. The firm has been an ongoing concern for here since the year 1999. Carole has a background in theatre as both a director and actor as well as set design. She continues to act, direct and teach while expanding her design business

Ben Charles

Ben has been with the firm since 2011. He assists in day to day operations, specializes in 3D modeling, captaining crews, ordering, as well as organizing and design. Ben is also a playwright, director and actor having most recently appeared at The Pearl Theatre, and his Romeo and Juliet adaptation was recently performed by the celebrated Three Day Hangover.

Andrei Hartt

Andrei has been working with DFL since 1999. He is a specialist in finishes, plaster, and painting and does custom cabinet projects and custom lighting for DFL.

Dawid Wierbowski

Dawid is a contractor at DaSanti Construction. He and Carole have been working together on projects since 2005. Dawid is trained archaeologist, furniture maker and has an MBA in Business in addition to his very successful construction business.